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Barkley Branch Annual Show,
Will Rogers Garden Center, Okla. City, Oklahoma
April 19 - 21, 2002

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'Art Hodes'
'Black Beauty'
'Black Taffeta'
'Careless Whisper'
'Chuck Jaros'
'Cowardly Lion'
'Curley Face'
'Diamond Back'
'Egyptian Princess'
'Elsie Monahaní
'Esther Albertine'
'Eunice Gray'
'Fern Richardson'
'Fiji Islands'
'Finky Flakes'
'Frosty Fairyland'
'Green Goddess'
'Green Velvet'
'Holley Moon'
'Holley's Rhyme'
'Houston Fiesta'
'Ice Capades'
'Jekyll and Hyde'
'Juliana Loehgreen'
'King Bird'
'Marion Louise'
'Mexican Adelia'
'Midon Nobusawa'
'New Moon'
'Night Crossing'
'Oliver Twist'
'Page 13'
'Party Lights'

'Red Face'
'Rising Storm'
'Robert Shatzer'
'Rolling Green'
'Shadow Box'
'Shamrock Green'
'Steve Tapia'
'Stewart's Luxurians'
'Tom Ment'
'Velvet Jeans'
'Virginia Jens'
'Washington State'
'Winter Doll'