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The name of this organization shall be The Southwest Region of the American Begonia Society.

This organization shall be conducted on a non-profit basis and its purpose shall be educational, scientific and to stimulate interest in begonias and shade-loving plants. It shall pursue that branch of horticulture science which pertains to shade plants among which the begonia shall be the principal subject. It shall strive to bring friendly contact among and disseminate information to all persons interested in begonias. This shall be the purpose of the Southwest Region Get-Together to be held at least biannually.

Membership shall be open to all persons interested in begonias. A person shall become a member upon paying the membership dues as set by the Board of Directors and upon Executive Board approval. Anyone objecting to the membership of any person shall present his/her objections in writing to the Secretary for Executive Board consideration.

The Officers of this organization shall consist of Director, Vice Director, Secretary, Treasurer, National Director, two trustees and the Past Director.

The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers enumerated in Article IV, plus the chairman of all standing committees, plus one representative from each branch joining the regional group. In the event of the dissolution of the Southwest Region, the Executive Board shall, after the payment of all just debts and obligations, distribute any remaining assets of the organization for educational, scientific or charitable purposes, in compliance with the then current regulations of the Internal Revenue Service.

The organization shall have a general membership meeting at every Get-Together and special meetings may be called with thirty days' notice to the membership. The Executive Board and Board of Directors shall meet at least biannually; however, business of these bodies may be conducted by mail ballot.

Amendments to the Constitution and ByLaws may be presented by any member in writing to the Secretary for consideration by the Board of Directors. The Board shall then put the proposed changes to the membership via the Newsletter with their recommendation for or against, and a mail ballot shall be taken. Approval of a change shall require a two-thirds vote of the ballots returned.

All meetings of this organization shall be ruled by "Robert's Rules of Order" (Newly Revised).



DIRECTOR—The Director shall be the executive officer of the organization; shall be general coordinator for the Region and shall have the power to approve such expenditures as required for daily operation (limit $50.00); shall appoint all committee chairmen and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the nominating committee; shall have the job of developing, with the help of the Board of Directors, long-range plans and goals for the organization; shall preside at all meetings, both membership and Executive Board.

VICE DIRECTOR—The Vice Director shall perform the functions of the Director in the absence of the Director; shall assist the Director in all ways possible and shall have such special duties as assigned by the Director.

SECRETARY—The Secretary shall receive and send correspondence for the organization; shall keep a history book for the organization; shall take and keep minutes of all meetings; shall receive for counting all mail ballots for any item put to the general membership, the Executive Board or the Board of Directors for a mail vote; shall keep an up-to-date membership list for all officers.

TREASURER—The Treasurer shall keep all funds of the organization; shall pay all bills authorized for payment; shall present a monthly report to the Director and the Editor for inclusion in the Newsletter.

NATIONAL DIRECTOR—The National Director shall serve as liaison with the American Begonia Society and represent the Southwest Region on the Board of the American Begonia Society, voting on matters in accordance with the wishes of the Board of Southwest Region.

TRUSTEES—The Trustees shall generally be available for consultation on the affairs of the organization; shall promote in every way practical the continuing growth, well being and interest in the organization and its goals and purposes.

GENERAL—All officers shall present an annual report to the Director, with a copy to the Secretary, on their assessment of the state of the organization and future goals to work for; shall perform such additional duties as assigned by the Director. Questions on the duties of any officer shall be directed to the Director whose decision shall be final.


The Executive Board shall run the day-to-day affairs of the organization and shall be authorized to expend funds for this purpose with a limit of $100.00, subject to the limit of the treasury.

The Board of Directors shall run all business of the organization and shall have the sole power to enter into contracts, debts, agreements and such on the behalf of the organization. The Board may NOT incur any expense in excess of the balance of the treasury at the time of incurring the obligation. The Board may NOT assess the members for any reason.

The Board of Directors shall, when not able to meet, conduct the business of the organization by mail, with mail ballots on items sent to each members Board to be returned to the Secretary. A simple majority of the ballots returned within 30 days shall decide the issue. This procedure may also be used by the Executive Board to conduct business if required.

The Board of Directors shall set the dues of the organization.

ARTICLE III—QUORUMS A quorum for membership meetings shall be 10% of the membership. For Board Meetings (either), a quorum shall be four members present.

ARTICLE IV—NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS/TERMS OF OFFICE All officers shall serve for a period of two years. The nominating committee shall be appointed by the Director, approved by the Executive Board, in the Spring of even-numbered years and shall report to the Board of Directors by October 1. The slate shall be put to the members in the November Newsletter, the ballots to be returned to the Secretary by a date specified in the Newsletter. Candidates receiving a majority of ballots cast shall be announced in the January Newsletter and shall be installed at the Spring Get-Together in the odd numbered years. Nominations from the general membership shall be signed by ten members and sent to the Secretary before October 1, to be presented to the Board of Directors with the nominating committee report. In the event of a vacancy in any office, the unexpired term shall be filled through election by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE V—AMENDMENTS Amendments shall follow procedures of Article VII of the Constitution.