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Unidentified Species
U001 through U500

We need your Uxxx photos.
Please send them to me, digital by e-mail, see Exit page,
or prints by snail mail. See Begonian for address.
All prints will be returned.

Thanks, Bill C.

Unidentified Species

U001 to U050

U051 to U100

U101 to U150

U151 to U200

U201 to U250

U251 to U300

U300 to U350

U351 to U400

U401 to U450

U451 to U500

Click the words in the left banner to see pictures and data on the Unidentified species

Over 350 of the approximately 500 unidentified species are described in the included pages. The information includes:

  • U number
  • source of the original plant
  • approximate date the original plant was obtained
  • the correct species name if identified
  • author of the species name
  • date of the publication of the original description of the species
  • horticultural classification
  • country of origin

There is also included over 175 pictures of the species and their flowers.

Several of the pictures are in black and white, but are included because they are the only pictures available.